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Backflow prevention is used to protect water supplies against contamination or pollution due to backflow. When pressure fails or is reduced, as happens when water mains burst, pipes freeze or there is unexpectedly high demand on the water system, the reduced pressure in the pipe can allow contaminated water from the ground, storage or other sources to be drawn up into the system.

Most municipal codes will require the installation of a backflow prevention device at each cross-connection point found within the plumbing systems of apartments, condominiums, food establishments, and most public and commercial places. The type of backflow preventer required will be in line with the degree of hazard present on the premises. Backflow testing require that valves must be inspected annually to ensure proper operation and to keep your property in compliance with the local code. Your fresh water supply is subject to interruption and your business may be fined if backflow testing isn’t completed in time.

At Flow Plumbing & Drain we can perform annual backflow testing, repairs, installation and backflow certification of all types of prevention devices. Your technician will handle all necessary paperwork relating to your annual inspection,and we will remind you when your next annual backflow testing is due so your property remains in good standing with the local water authority.

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