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Frozen Pipes

Freezing and burst pipes can occur when the temperature falls below 20* or they are exposed to wind drafts and flowing cold air from cracks in an outside wall or maybe a lack of insulation. Freezing water turns to ice within the pipe that expands and blocks the line.
This blockage can create excessive pressure throughout the system causing the pipe to fail in vulnerable places—no matter if the pipe is made of plastic, copper or steel. Even a tiny crack can unleash more than 250 gallons of water in a single day and the results of a pipe bursting can cause significant property damage, high repair costs and disruption of business.
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One of the most tedious outdoor plumbing tasks that people neglect is downspout drain cleaning. During the summer and fall, leaves and sticks build up in your gutters. When it rains or snow melts, that debris is washed into your downspouts and can cause major clogging, as well as ice dams on your roof and massive icicle formations. So it is important to ensure your downspout is clear and functioning so it can prevent your home from flooding by directing water away from your basement and main floor.
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Gas Barbeque Lines

A backyard is not complete without an outdoor kitchen and the ease of having a propane or natural gas line directly to that barbeque grill. The benefits of hiring a professional to repair or install gas lines are numerous, not to mention the possibility of having to file a permit with your local government, pressure testing the line for leaks and installing a natural gas shut-off valve. So dealing with natural or propane gas should always be done by trained professionals, because the only thing that should be firing up are those steaks on the grill.
With Flows’ team of skilled technicians and licensed master plumbing you are assured that the job will get accomplished the right way the first time without any danger to yourself or your property.
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Spigots & Faucet Repair

You probably have at least one outdoor spigot, which is one of the most common causes of wasted water because you may not notice if it drips.You also may be surprised to know that the leaking hose faucet right next to your patio may contribute to the slow flooding and molding of your basement and a slow drip from an outdoor spigot can add up to 20 gallons of water a day or 500 gallons a month.
A leak may also be caused by a cracked or damaged pipe, which can cause more serious issues at the point of origin, located inside your house. If your not experiencing an issue with an outdoor spigots or faucet and are interested in enhancing the benefit of your backyard by installing an outdoor shower, gardening sink or barbeque sink then Flow Plumbing & Drain can help you achieve it all.
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Camera Line Inspection

One of the most powerful technologies in Flow’s toolbox that eliminates all the guesswork – saving you time and money. Our video camera line inspection will quickly identify all types of problems, like root intrusion, or pipes that are misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade or corroded whether they are underground, in cement or under your home’s foundation.
We recommend that a video camera inspected be done if you experience repeated emergency drain and sewer line backups or clogs. The camera can also identify grease buildup, leaks and obstructions. It can locate lost jewelry and other valuables and even animals that have become lost or trapped.
Real-time video image transmission allows us to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe and understand any existing or potential problems and those images can be saved in Flow Plumbing & Drain’s permanent records.
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Sewer Line Repair

In the past, when plumbing problems would start brewing underground, you’d have no choice but to subject your property to destroyed yards, ruined driveways or devastated parking lots. Thanks to advances in plumbing technology and Flow’s fully trained sewer line professionals our comprehensive sewer repair services offer fast, accurate and reliable solutions without the invasive repercussions of older repair methods. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our detail oriented plumbing professionals and commitment to customer satisfaction.
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