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Backflow Services

Backflow prevention is used to protect water supplies against contamination or pollution due to backflow. When pressure fails or is reduced, as happens when water mains burst, pipes freeze or there is unexpectedly high demand on the water system, the reduced pressure in the pipe can allow contaminated water from the ground, storage or other sources to be drawn up into the system.

Most municipal codes will require the installation of a backflow prevention device at each cross-connection point found within the plumbing systems of apartments, condominiums, food establishments, and most public and commercial places. The type of backflow preventer required will be in line with the degree of hazard present on the premises. Backflow testing require that valves must be inspected annually to ensure proper operation and to keep your property in compliance with the local code. Your fresh water supply is subject to interruption and your business may be fined if backflow testing isn’t completed in time.

At Flow Plumbing & Drain we can perform annual backflow testing, repairs, installation and backflow certification of all types of prevention devices. Your technician will handle all necessary paperwork relating to your annual inspection,and we will remind you when your next annual backflow testing is due so your property remains in good standing with the local water authority.

Call or book your appointment online to schedule your annual backflow service.

Video Pipe Inspection

Our video camera line is one of the most powerful technologies in Flow’s toolbox. It eliminates all the guesswork – saving you time and money. Our video camera line inspection will quickly identify all types of problems, like root intrusion, or pipes that are misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade or corroded wherever they are.

We recommend that a video camera inspected be done if you experience repeated emergency drain and sewer line backups or clogs or suspect major damage to the pipes themselves. The camera can also identify grease buildup, leaks and obstructions. It can locate lost valuables and even animals that have become trapped.

Real-time video image transmission allows us to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe and understand any existing or potential problems and those images can be saved in Flow Plumbing & Drain’s permanent records.

For more information or to schedule a video camera line inspection, call Flow Plumbing & Drain or book your appointment online.

Faucet Services

Almost every type of business has at least one faucet on the property. Schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes and other large businesses may require many different types of commercial faucets. In many cases, these faucets might be used by lots of people every day, generating hundreds or thousands of gallons of water each day. Leaking commercial faucets, those that don’t turn on or off properly, and faucets that fail to correctly control the water temperature can cause damage to your property or be harmful to users.

Flow Plumbing & Drain can replace or install any type of commercial or industrial faucet, for any size of business and in any location, including kitchens, bathrooms, bar areas, laundry areas, laboratories, operating rooms, basements and more. For more information call Flow Plumbing & Drain or book your appointment online now.

Our services include the repair, replacement or installation:

Sewer Line

Businesses deal with any number of plumbing-related issues on a regular basis, from clogged drains to running toilets. Some of these issues can be addressed by the buildingmaintenancebut more severe issues definitely call for the help of a professional. When your water and sewer lines are backed up, cracked, corroded or otherwise damaged, it can cause extensive damage to your property and affect your business.

Thanks to advances in plumbing technology and Flow’s fully trained sewer line professionals our comprehensive sewer repair services offer fast, accurate and reliable solutionswithout the invasive repercussions of older repair methods. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our detail oriented plumbing professionals and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our skilled plumbers are also available to offer sewer drain & pine emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days year. You can rely on our licensed and insured professionals for quality, fast service by calling or book your appointment online.

Common Problems:

Sump Pump

A sump pump is the last line of defense when it comes to flood prevention so it is important to make sure your sump pump is always operating properly. Heavy rains, storm drain backups and broken pipes can potentially cause serious damage to your commercial property and its contents, as well as safety issues for the building’s inhabitants. Triggered by a float switch, a sump pump turns on when the water reaches a pre-determined level and it then removes the water by pumping it to an approved area.

Sump pumps are generally installed in the lowest point of the building. Hotels, apartment buildings and other commercial properties may have elevator sumps to prevent flooding in elevator shafts. Flow Plumbing & Drain are the experts to call when your existing sump pump malfunctions or is in need of replacement. We will provide routine maintenance, testing, repairs and inspections for all types of industrial and commercial sump pumps.

Our skilled plumbers are also available to offer sump pump emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days year. You can rely on our licensed and insured professionals for quality, fast service by calling or book your appointment online.

Toilet Plumbing

Businesses and properties can be negatively affected if toilets don’t operate properly. Leaking water costs money, damages property and can cause slippery areas. Waste water is associated with potential health risks and immediate repair is important to the safety of your employees or tenants.

Commercial toilets and urinals are used frequently and are subject to a lot of abuse by their users. Modern toilets have evolved so much that they are not the simple bathroom fixture of days gone by. While advances in technology have made flushing more economical, many more things can go awry and toilet plumbing has become more complicated.

Our skilled plumbers are also available to toilet plumbing emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days year. You can rely on our licensed and insured professionals for quality, fast service by calling or book your appointment online.

Water Leak

A water leak is always a cause for concern. It’s important to find and repair any leak before it causes damage to your property or poses a safety risk. Leaks can occur in all types of piping – both inside and outside of a building – and often occur in out-of-sight places.

Common plumbing leaks include those associated with the following:

Water Heater

Water heaters are serious business, especially during the wintertime. The last thing you or your employees want is freezing cold water or a heating system that doesn’t work. If you’re looking for a dependable plumber to install your water heater, be sure to call the team of master plumbers at Flow Plumbing & Drain.

When it comes to water heating in your building, you are going to want systems that are dependable. Water heaters are essential in a working building, from cooking to cleaning to space heating – you cannot have a water heater with a faulty system. If your business is in the market for a new water heater or needs commercial water heater repairs, Flow Plumbing & Drain can help.

We are a certified Navien plumbing contractor, the leader in condensing technology and state-of-the-art tankless water heaters, combi-boilers and boilers. If tankless technology is not what your looking for, Flows’ skilled technicians and licensed master plumbers can recommend, design and install any conventional or hybrid system that will fit your businesses’ needs and budget.

For more information about our water heater replacement service view our system options here or simply click to book your online appointment.

Gas Boilers

Where there’s smoke there’s fire and just because your commercial boiler hasn’t broken down yet, doesn’t mean it’s not about to. At Flow Plumbing & Drain our master plumbers and boiler technicians are highly trained to inspect, diagnose, and repair all types of commercial boilers, including energy efficient, natural gas, propane, oil and electric systems. We know your time and money are valuable so we don’t waste either by sending inexperienced HVAC repair technicians to learn on your job

The team at Flow Plumbing & Drain are also available for any gas boiler or heating system emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days year. You can rely on our licensed and insured professionals for quality, fast service by calling or booking your appointment online.

The following signs could mean your businesses heating system is about to leave everyone in the cold:

Oil to Gas Conversions

Switching your heating system over from oil to gas may seem like a significant undertaking, but it comes with a great deal of benefits. The right company can also make oil to gas conversion a breeze, so all you have to do is reap the rewards. Flow Plumbing & Drain is a Value Plus Installer through National Grid so not only does that make us extremely qualified to do the job – it allows you to take advantage of any rebates available.

Call today for more information about oil to gas conversions and the rebate options available or click here to schedule your appointment online.

By switching your current system to a gas system, you can enjoy the following benefits: