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basement plumbing

Floor Drain Cleaning

Many homes have floor drains in their basements, laundry rooms, garages and patios to keep excess water from flooding and causing damage. Because basements are the bottom-most parts of houses, floor drains are especially common in them, since rain and sewer water can so easily flow downward and flood basements. Like drains you may find in your sink or bathtub, floor drains are equipped with traps underneath. These traps should be kept full of water to prevent sewer gases and odors from escaping into the room. The most common issue with floor drains is the traps can become clogged with dirt and debris or your sump pump is not working properly. If you notice your floor drain isn’t working, Flows’ skilled technicians can clear up that clog or inspect and test your sump pump. Don’t wait until a flood occurs to call us schedule an appointment online now

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