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Should you Drink Bottled or Filtered Water?

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Should you Drink Bottled or Filtered Water?

The water that flows from the faucet in your home should ideally be good for drinking. Unfortunately some of us live in areas where the water quality is poor or we have a well which produces water that may have an unusual odor to it. While this water would not flow to your faucet unless it was safe to drink many of us have chosen to look to filtered or bottled water for our hydration needs and get this water from different sources. The question is whether you should drink bottled water or filtered water and which one will conserve more resources.

If you can handle the water coming from your faucet without the use of a filter, this is actually the preferred method of drinking water. There are several filtering systems on the market that you can make use of if you feel the need, but keep in mind the filters that have to be replaced as well as the items themselves which are all part of the resources that can be wasted when using a filtering system. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of water filters and bottled water.

Bottled Water

If you set up a home bottled water dispenser and have the water delivered to your home there are many benefits. On the other hand, if you use the smaller hand held disposable bottles on a regular basis, these bottles should be recycled but many end up in landfills each year, making water bottles one of the most wasted items on the planet. The home delivery system of having filtered water offers you many benefits that you can take advantage of and enjoy a fresh and clean drink of water all the time.

The advantages of this type of system are the convenience of the supply, the taste of the water as this water is normally filtered to remove contaminants and the trace minerals that are added are not only good for you but add to the flavor of the water, and the fact that the bottles used for this system are normally reused over and again. With these large five gallon water systems you can know your water that’s being delivered to you is clean and enjoyable while not presenting a major negative effect on the environment.

The only real negative point about these delivered bottled water systems is the cost of the delivery service. An alternative to this cost is to purchase your own five gallon bottles at the grocery store and use their refilling station to fill them up and provide your family with the great tasting water you want to enjoy.

Water Filters

Attaching a water filter to your faucet or using a pitcher that has a filter attached has become a popular way to have fresh and clean water for drinking. When you consider the purchase of a water filter system you want to ensure you purchase a high quality product that will remove the contaminants that can be found in your water. The convenience of a good filtration system is that you will be able to turn on the faucet and have a clean drink of water every time you want one with no limited supply of the water. These filters are also less wasteful than the single serving disposable bottles and some manufacturers offer recycling programs for the filters to ensure these filters are not turned into waste. With some of these filters you have indicators that tell you when to change the filter so that you can continually enjoy great tasting water.

On the negative side of these filters some of them perform inconsistently. While the water that is delivered to you should be guaranteed by the service to be of the highest quality as your filter is used the quality of the water will diminish. Another negative is the type of water you put through your filter. If you have well water, hard water or water with a high iron content your filtration system might not be able to provide you with the quality of water you want to have for your drinking enjoyment.

As you can see both the large bottled water systems and the on the faucet filtration systems have their pros and cons, but the worst was you can drink water is from the single serving bottles. These bottles may taste great, but what happens to them when we’re done with them? We typically toss them in with the rest of garbage. If you must use these bottles, please recycle them after use, but you can feel comfortable with either the bottled water that’s delivered to your doorstep or an on the faucet system for your home.

Should you Drink Bottled or Filtered Water?

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