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Do you work in a business with a kitchen, food preparation area or food processing facility? If so, you’re well aware of how different the sinks in your business are than those in your home. Commercial sinks are used much more often than residential ones and for many different reasons, and when they aren’t draining properly it can take a toll on your business.

If your commercial sink drain is starting to back up, it’s likely caused by grease and organic matter buildup in your drain lines or grease trap. These plumbing fixtures are meant to flow at a certain speed, and even slight buildup can affect that flow and cause problems.

No matter what your commercial sink drain issue may be, the team at Flow Plumbing & Drain is available to help you diagnose and fix the problem – we’re here to get you back in business.

The team at Flow Plumbing & Drain is available to assist you with any sink or drain emergency. You can rely on our licensed and insured professionals for quality, fast service by calling or booking your appointment online.

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