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What do You do when a Drain is Clogged?

What do You do when a Drain is Clogged?

Have you ever felt like you were having an out of body experience? That’s the feeling you might get when you suddenly realize you have a drain that’s clogged and the water isn’t going down the way it’s supposed to. You stand there and watch and wait, hoping that by some miracle the drain is going to suddenly swallow whatever it is that has clogged it up and release the blockage so that your water will flow down. Unfortunately, no amount of waiting and staring can help get your drain unclogged.

When you’re faced with a clogged drain you may want to attempt to fix the problem yourself. A sink drain might only be clogged at the trap and need that part cleaned out to continue to move. If so, that’s a fairly easy fix that you can perform, but if this isn’t the problem and the clog is much farther down the line you certainly want to consider calling an expert to handle the problem. At Flow Plumbing & Drain we can get your pipes unclogged and give you the free flow you want from your drain once again.

For that simple repair of the trap under your sink you can remove the trap and clean it out to see if that’s the cause of your problems. Before you remove the trap you need to place a bucket under the pipes because once you remove the trap the water that has been stuck in your sink is going to come gushing out and has to have somewhere to go. Once removed, check the trap for any objects that could have caused the clog, clean it out and put it back in place. If your drain works properly once again you have just solved the clog on your own.

If you are unable to fix your clog by simply cleaning out the trap, you may have a variety of other issues and need to call a plumber. There could be a sewer line that’s attached to your home that is backed up and causing the problem, which can actually be your responsibility, you may have a washing machine that’s causing the issue, or your garbage disposal could be working improperly because of items that were put in it that shouldn’t have been.

Whatever the problem is that is causing your clogged drain, the team at Flow Plumbing & Drain can fix it for you. There are actually a few accesses to the pipes in your home and the experienced professionals at Flow Plumbing & Drain will start at the drain that seems to be backed up and work toward the larger pipes to find the clog and release it. Many times this requires the use of a powerful drain cleaning machine that pushes a metal snake down the drain to find the clog and either pull it out or push through it to release the backed up water and waste in your home.

Clogged drains are a part of life. Many people have a tendency to put items in their drain they shouldn’t and the waste such as dirt, grime, hair, grease and other items that leave our bodies or are used during cooking can eventually cause a slowing of the flow in your pipes which causes a clog. With the team of Flow Plumbing & Drain on the job to get your clog removed and your wastewater flowing once again you won’t be left staring at the sink, waiting for the water to go down the drain and out to the sewage pipes.

Having drains that are clogged at home is one problem; a commercial drain at your place of business is typically a much larger issue entirely. It’s your responsibility to provide your customers and employees with plumbing that works so they can continue to enjoy the products and services you provide. Give the professionals a call when you have a clog in your business, the team at Flow Plumbing & Drain has the tools and the experience to handle every problem drain and clog you have to ensure the plumbing for your business can continue to operate effectively.

Clogged drains aren’t any fun and can leave us frustrated and upset. No matter if the clog is big or small, the team of Flow Plumbing & Drain can get your wastewater running properly again and keep you from having a horrible out of body experience where you watch the water and just wait for it to go down the drain; which it never does, at least not until you call

What do You do when a Drain is Clogged?

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