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What Should a New Homeowner Know About Plumbing?

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What Should a New Homeowner Know About Plumbing?

Buying a home is typically the largest single investment we make in our lives. When you make a home purchase there are plenty of items you need to take a look at before you purchase the home, but once you have bought your new dwelling it’s time to take some action and see what your home has for you to work with and handle. There are many items around your home you should learn about and figure out how to maintain, the plumbing of your new home being one of them.

The plumbing of your new house runs throughout your home and gives you the running water and flowing drains you want. In order to keep them this way you should learn about them and what you need to do should these items become clogged, stop working or need replacing. It’s important not only to know what your pluming looks like and how it works, but also where the shut off valve is for each fixture in order to close off the water flow should that area need to be turned off in the event of a leak.

Not only should you know about the shut off valves that are positioned throughout your home you should take a look around and see what different plumbing items are. Some items that you typically might not think about until they break are your water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal, faucets and toilets. When many of us think of plumbing we think of the pipes in the walls that we can’t see, but more often than not if there is an issue with your plumbing system it will be in an area you can actually see and being familiar with the parts, such as the inner workings of your toilet tank, can help you know when something is wrong.

With the information you can find on the internet in this day and age you can try a variety of the different plumbing fixes yourself. In areas where the winters get cold it’s a good idea to insulate your pipes so they don’t get frozen. Frozen pipes can be an extremely expensive repair and lead to more damage than just the pipe, which makes it all the more important for you to insulate them and protect them from the dropping temperatures. Topics such as this as well as cleaning out a drain trap can help save you money and add to your overall maintenance in your home. Learning about the how-to topics of plumbing may make you realize you need to be careful with the plumbing of your home to ensure it continues to work properly. Some of us feel as if the garbage disposal can eat up anything, but toss a penny in one and see how soon it stops working altogether. While this machine does work well for most foods you need to be careful not to put items in the disposal that don’t belong.

Speaking of items that don’t belong; your toilets can be an attractive place for your children to toss toys or put an entire roll of paper towels. Make sure you have locks on the toilet when they are young and know how to use a plunger to help relieve the toilet of clogs. The toilet can be the worst place for many items to end up and cause your plumbing to be backed up all the way to the sewer at the street which would require you to call a professional to visit and handle the job of fixing the wastewater line.

When it comes to plumbing another tip is to address a problem right away. Leaking faucets or pipes and clogged drains and toilets can lead to other damage in your home. Water can be one of the most damaging items that flows through your home and you need to make sure you protect your investment from the inevitable plumbing disaster. If you have a plumbing issue that is beyond your scope of abilities you should call a professional to handle the job for you. Of course if you have free flowing water you want to turn off the water valves near the flow of the water first, but once this is done make the call.

Being a homeowner is an exciting time in your life and you should take pride in being able to purchase your home. Now that you have a new home learn how to take care of the systems so that you can live a worry free existence in your new home for many years.

What Should a New Homeowner Know About Plumbing?

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